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Mickael Patino Brana
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make it nice, wether you're an artist or not

You can count on us ! If you use or interface, we'll check your file before production to be sure everything is good. If you use or service, we'll bring all our expertise and attention to make the perfect file in collaboration with you.

Some examples of what is possible :


With natural, white and yellow wood, the parts engraved are darker than the background


With black, blue and red wood color,
engraved parts appear lighter than the background


What about the boards ?



3 variations of the modern skateboard.
The only difference is the outline, it's mostly an aesthetic choice. 
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This longboard is close the ground, making it stable and easy to push.
Good choice to cruise cozily.
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Our boards are made in Basque Country from high quality US maple.
After your order : we tint, laser engrave and varnish them in Bordeaux.



It's made with love and you can see it


We also work for brands

Or associations, events, etc. If you have any project in mind, let's talk about it !

La marzocco skateboard