About us

We are a mix between laser engraving gurus, graphic designers and skateboarding lovers.
We are passionate and give attention to details for every board we make.

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She manages the creation of the boards, from setting the design with the customer, to the last layer of varnish.
Ask her anything if you have a project in mind !


We don't really know what he does but he spends a lot of time on photosphop. He's the designer of the team, thinking about the whole customization process.


He manages the external relations for distribution and collaborations.
Ask him anything if you're interested !


Pieces of our story

le shape aix.jpg

"Born in a garage"
Everything started in a school of Aix-en-Provence where a bunch of students were playing with polyurethane resin to make strange skateboards.
That's why the company is called Le Shape : it's was the name of the student association and we've decided to keep it.


Bamboo cruisers

Our first goal was to build the perfect cruiser to move around. We wanted it to be agile yet confortable so we used a construction of bamboo and maple. We sold the first series in 2015.

skateboard manufacturing
cruiser bamboo.jpg


In the workshop where we worked, we discovered the laser engraving machine and we decided to use right away, because we found the rendering so beautiful.
At first, it was only used for the logo but then we engraved the first illustration, the first drawing, the first photography, etc. There were endless possibilities. 
It was so difficult to make choices that we decided to let the customer decide what he/she would want to be engraved.


Berlin calling

We are proud to say that our work, our mastery of laser engraving and the collaborations made with artists (friends of our friends), has brought us to be exposed on many places, among them the Shitfoot Mongoland in Berlin is a dope memory !
Unfortunately it was impossible for us the continue manufacturing the boards from A to Z, so we decided to outsource the production and say goodbye to our lovely bamboo cruiser in 2016.

le shape crew


We're now established in Bordeaux and working in collaboration with the workshop of Cap Sciences. Come and say hello !