Why another brand ?

Skate and art have always been linked. Some even say that skateboarding is an art form. Although you can find plenty cool artworks on the market, it's something else to have your own design on your skateboard. That's why we created Le Shape, we love the creative world that surround skateboarding and we want to make the link between the pencil and the wood.

Why we chose laser engraving ?

Laser engraving makes sense because it produces a graphic that will last, whatever the board will slide on. Besides, we like the sober aspect of the wood and this process lets it apparent.

Who are we ?

We are three young frenchies, not very good skateboarders, not specially artists, but passionated and dedicated to what we do.
Aurélien and Antoine met up during their engineering studies and were joined by Oriane a few months after starting the project.

Where are we ?

We are based in Bordeaux, in the South West of France.
The production is made at Cap Sciences, Hangar 20, Quai de Bacalan.


Let's keep in touch !


This is how we see skateboarding : a weapon of pleasure !