Instagram creative skateboarders

9 creative skateboarders from Instagram

Some creative skateboarding we love !

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9 creative skateboarders from Instagram

At Le Shape, we think that the skateboard is mostly a weapon of pleasure and a mean of expression. A skateboarder who jumps over 20 stairs by doing a complicated trick, off course it’s impressive, but this is not what we prefer looking at ! Each skateboarder can express himself thanks to his deck graphic, his skateboarding style, his way of ‘“promoting” his tricks thanks to photos and videos, the spots where he goes… The important thing is to keep pleasure by doing it !

Here we will show you 9 skateboarders we follow on Instagram, and we love to watch them because of their creativity:

  • Roller Surfer aka Ben Koppl: Instagram

    Always technical and creative tricks.

  • Spencer Barton: Instagram
    He makes videos which are often funny, he is creative with his tricks and the skateboarding level is high ! Recently he remade 2 episodes of the TV serie “Family guy” where there are skate scenes, the result is pretty impressive.

  • The Truman Burbank: Instagram
    Here is another guy who make us laugh a lot with his videos mixing humor and skateboard ! Here again the skateboarding level is nice, but there is especially creativity in his tricks, the spots and his videos.
    Recently we made a custom skateboard for him !

  • Daewon Song: Instagram
    Pro skateboarder for almost 30 years now, Daewon is still a king and we continue to be impressed by his creative tricks on all kind of spots. The images will speak for themselves !

  • @rainbow.swag.lord: Instagram
    Here we go in the WTF skateboarding scene, only creative tricks and especially some swag !

  • William Spencer: Instagram
    A lot of aerial tricks and tricks with unlikely elements like a tennis net, a car tire…

  • Leo valls: Instagram
    The king of powerslides and fast tricks sequence, who has really created his own skateboarding style that everybody knows now ! Made in Bordeaux 🙌 

  • Matt Tomasello: Instagram
    Famous for his “deconstructed” skateboards in several parts, Matt is also very creative in his tricks by using the different elements he can find.

  • Richie Jackson: Instagram
    One of the creative tricks reference. However we like his style or not, we welcome the creativity !

That’s all for the creative tricks skateboarders !

Do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram to see especially beautiful custom skateboards ! @le_shape

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