Custom gift longboard

Vincent’s custom gift

An impressive experience of customisation - Vincent and his brother learned how to use Illustrator to make their own !

[French translation here]

A beautiful custom longboard

This is the story of a man who offer to his young brother the possibility to custom a longboard deck. He doesn’t know how the customisation will work but he just find the concept attractive ! To entirely experience the customisation process, they have learned how to use Illustrator to create themselves this custom longboard. Congrats !

How did the idea of making a custom board come to your mind ?

The idea has emerged the other way around: my brother wanted to offer me a longboard deck and he has been seduced by your concept to mark the occasion ! He bought a gift voucher to custom his own deck, a good solution when you prefer to let the person custom himself his unique board.

How did you choose and create your graphic ?

The goal was to create a graphic with different personnal references. So I started with the messages I wanted to have and then I associated pictures we tried to put together on the deck (with Oriane’s preicous help).

We learned how to use Illustrator to do this custom. The pictures were vectorized and then we made the assembly on the longboard template. All our templates are available here.

Here are some pictures or drawings that allowed them to reach this result:

Which advices would you give to the future board customisers ?

Take your time and do not hesitate to ask Le Shape to help you, they know what they do !

One last word ?

We are really satisfied with the way the board has been made. Nothing wrong, if we had to do it again we’ll do it the same way !

Would you like to offer a beautiful custom longboard ?

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