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10 custom skateboards from 2018

We produced around 200 decks in 2018 - Here are 10 customs that caught our attention !

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10 customisations that impressed us

2018 was a great year with the apparition of our interface to custom your skateboard independently. People could enjoy creating their board without fearing our feedback (Laughings). As usual, we helped our customers to make the most of their idea by giving them insights to improve their custom !

We tried to choose our 10 prefered custom skateboards of the past year and it was a pretty hard debate. We have engraved drawings, tattoos, photos of cats, children, logos… For single persons, artists, brands and for different purposes: gifts, events, decorative items… We tried to judge the design itself without thinking about the creator and the way he made it.

We produced around 200 decks in 2018 – Here are 10 customs that caught our attention !


  • Brice and the mythic film “Back to the future”

We remember the scene when Marty McFly is leaving Biff Tannen and his band on an hoverboard. A nice wink with a skateboard and a really nice rendering with the laser engraving technic ! Moreover, we like the parallel between the film and the futuristic technic we use.

See more here

  • Dylan and his beautiful storm drawing

A black and white line drawing highlighted by the laser engraving technic. The expansion gives a manual touch that make us doubt the precision of this process.

See more here

  • Paul and his dog Pantha

A photo of a dog, classic you must think, and it’s not our first one ! Here the photo is beautiful and the contrast works well with the laser engraving technic. The foreground is precisely etched and the background melts with the raw wood.

See more here

  • Benoit and the logo of his crew LTDT

This is the logo of Benoit’s collective made by a tattooist. Each line is engraved differently depending on her thickness. We love the idea behind the design and it fits well with laser engraving.

See more here

  • Aurelia and her simple idea of writing a song lyrics

She chose a font and wrote the lyrics of a memorative song. We love the rendering and it’s so cool a simple idea makes that so well !

See more here

  • Jontue and his scary design

A beautiful artwork laser engraved for a charity event. Jontue made it fastly while respecting the laser constraints and the result is pretty nice !

See more here

  • Victoria and her Keith Haring inspiration

Beautiful contrast, great integration with the hamburger, this custom works !

See more here

  • Julia and her signature

Another simple idea that works well: engrave your signature or some letters with a specific font ! Julia did it for a gift and add a date with our interface.

  • Manon and his cosmonaute flying between the elements

A great work on Photoshop followed by some advices on the laser engraving technic make a beautiful custom. Like when you look at the stars at night, you can see numerous details precisely engraved by the laser on this board.

See more here

  • Charlotte and her boyfriend’s tattoo inspiration

A Maori tattoo engraved on a whole deck, that makes his impact. Charlotte was inspired by her boyfriend’s tattoo and completed the design to fill the whole board !

See more here

Thank you to everybody who allowed us to create beautiful custom boards. Thank you to the laser inventor, we really love and believe in this process to create stunning items !
We are always happy to make people smiling with beautiful gifts. Now let’s see 2019 ! CHEEEERS !

Now it’s your turn to create yours !

Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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