Unusual custom boards

14 unusual customs

Laugh ? Surprise ? Respect ? We show you 14 custom skateboards that made us talk about !

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Those customisations that made us react

Laugh ? Surprise ? Respect ? Boldness ? It depends but all those customs had in common to make us talk about them ! We present you 14 custom skateboards that should also make you smile. We hope it will give you some ideas for your future gifts 🙂 Let’s go !

 1. Gaëtan and his Ice Age inspiration

We start with our dear Sid from the Ice Age who… We let you guess !


2. A customisation with a coat of arm

Now let’s continue with those 3 custom skateboards engraved with the emblem of a family from Monaco. A honour for us ! See more here



3. A custom deck for a tattoo convention

It’s a board which has been created by a tattooist from the tattoo parlour MTAP INK TATTOO from Bordeaux. Here it’s not the graphic that have impressed us but the linked story: this tattooist was going to participate to a convention and he has decided to engrave the tattoo he will make in live during the event ! So the people could see the tattoo in premier and observe the tattooist creating it.


4. The wedding proposal

To all the people that would like to marry with a skateboarder, think about the skate deck, it works: she said YES !! Congratulations to Marine and Nicolas !


5. A skateboard to display a restaurant menu

This is the Madé Hand Poke Bar from Bordeaux that got the idea to engrave their menu on two skateboards ! We approve the idea, the boards can stay outside without any problem and they add a nice touch to the place.


6. A cat with a strabismus

A customisation with a cat, it’s not the first one we have made, but with a cat who has got a strabismus it’s unusual !


7. Your house engraved on a skate deck

Stéphanie’s boyfriend farm house in Mount Desert Island, Maine. Unexpected but the laser etched rendering is really nice ! However the photo was not contrasted a lot.


8. Which one should I choose ?

Here again, it’s the story that made us smile:
Customer: – I would like this picture on the board
Le Shape: – Ok so you have two possibilities: the first one like your file, the second one in negative. Which one do you prefer ?Customer: – I’m gonna take both !

See more about the customisation HERE.


9. A skateboard for a dog

Now let’s talk about the most original user: a dog named Lincoln ! The funniest part of the story is that he only chewed the board and it was just too pretty to be chewed so he never used it. However it’s a famous dog breed who likes to skate ! Watch Tillman the most famous skater bulldog.


10. There is not an age to customise !

For this skateboard deck, this is the prize of the youngest particpant which is awarded. The drawing of this personalisation was realised by the customer’s child. We let you guess his age !


11. A collaboration for this custom

“I like this coming strip, my name is Kiki and I like Balzac”: this is the story of a collaboration between two friends that worked well. The first one wanted a deck as a home decor and propose to the other one to fill the bubbles of a comic stripe he likes. The result is pretty nice !


12. There is not an age to become a star

This baby has already become a star since his birth ! Second, we have a nice “mise abyme” because look at the engraving, the photo shows the baby on a skateboard. We had already written an article on this type of custom here.


13. A hunting trophy engraved on a skate deck

A kill count signed by Andreas: the photos represents his dog seating next to his quarry, a capercaillie.


14. A cool gift

And we finish with Loren who designed us a very kind graphic for his boyfriend ! See more here

We hope you liked these customs and they gave you some ideas for your your future gifts !

Now it’s your turn to create a beautiful custom skateboard !

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