40% discount on the customisable phone cases

We are testing out a new customisable product. Special discount and support for the 15 first customs !

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Preorder your customised phone case

We are testing out a new product to customise: phone cases. Since our customers are mostly making gifts, we have thought about diversifying our product range. There are 30 preorders available, everybody will have a special support to make a perfect custom. But only the first 15 will have a special discount of 40%.



All the informations about those customised phone cases are on this page.

People love the rendering of laser engraving, they also like our support to make a beautiful gift. So why not propose other products than just the skateboards ? Everybody has a phone, and nearly everybody has a phone case to protect it. It can be a nice gift your beloved one will see everyday !

20 preorders or nothing !

Because it’s difficult for us to have a stock for every customisable products, we want to reach a goal of 20 preorders sold to propose this product on our website with a customisation interface, a stock etc… If we don’t reach this goal, we will refund every preorders made and we won’t propose it on our website.

So if you think it could be a nice gift for someone in the future, preorder it now !
And there is a nice 40% discount…

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