Customisation Jeremie

Jeremie’s customisation

Jeremie asked his friend who is graphic designer to help him creating a fully personal and beautiful custom skateboard. Discover the story behind the scene !


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A customisation full of personal souvenirs

Jeremie called on a friend who is graphic designer to realiser his custom skateboard. The result is a deck full of personnal souvenirs and perfectly adapted to the laser engraving technic.

How did the idea of making a custom board come to your mind ?

I was moving in a new flat, so it was the right moment to create a personalised decoration. I knew Le Shape since the begining but I had never tried the customisation.

How did you create your graphic ?

I asked a friend who is a graphic designer to make the illustration thanks to events of my life that I explained her. A little dozen, souvenirs from countries/cities where I have been living, my culinary tastes, sports I practise, musics that I will forever remind… I explained her the laser engraving process and the file to create thanks to this article that explains how to choose the right file for your customisation. I also asked Le Shape the template of the skateboard deck so she could create the graphic at the right dimensions.

Get the template of our decks here.

I didn’t have any difficulties, and at the end Oriane checked the file and didn’t hesitate to give me some advice to improve the graphic.

How did it work with your friend ?

I called her when I got the idea to make a custom skateboard. She didn’t have a lot of work at this moment so I thought “Why not propose her to make my custom skateboard graphic ?”. I asked her and she was directly in !

We talked a little bit to make her understand what I wanted and it allows me to put some words and pictures on what I wanted concretely. I made a document with a list of the different things I wanted to see in the drawing. The idea to call on a professional was that I didn’t want to think too much about it. So in addition to the list, I wrote why I wanted this thing and I added pictures to help her.

I called her once to talk about this list and be sure everything was understood. Then she made all by herself. First she made it with a pencil. It wasn’t the graphic style we planned together at all, but I’ve really liked the cartoon style. This drawing should have been used to illustrate the different elements and how they work together but finally we kept this. Then she did it on a computer and at the end we work on a few details.

So everything went well ?

Absolutely, she really liked to work on this little project and everybody is happy with the result !

Which advice would you give to the future board customisers ?

Go make yours at Le Shape ! They are really efficient, nice and reactive.

Now it’s your turn to create your custom skateboard !

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