Ian Durkin

Artist Discovery - Ian Durkin, filmmaker, photographer mixing sliding sports and adventure.

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Artist discovery – Ian Durkin

This is by chance on Instagram probably that I discovered Ian Durkin with his last short film named “Camel Finds water”. As a welcome image a little fishery boat, with a guy holding a surfboard standing on it, and as a description the story of a boat collected from a back garden, restored and then used to look for waves in hidden corners of British Columbia. An inspiring story that deserved me to take a few minutes to discover it…



And then I went on Ian Durkin’s website and his Instagram, and I discovered that he was also doing skateboard photographies and videos. I also rediscovered this wonderfull tree house above a bowl in the middle of the nature (Cf this article). He took some pictures you can see them in his website here. The video below shows a canadian crew skateboarding original spots like a tree trunk converted in a slide bar in the middle of the forest. I let you check out and do not hesitate to look at Ian’s website, there are really beautiful things !



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