The cinder cone bowl

The Cinder Cone – A short film and book

The Cinder Cone is a project directed by Foster Huntington in 2014. He has built with a bunch of friends two tree houses above a wonderful skate bowl and a jacuzzi. A true inspiration !

[French translation here]

Photo @Foster Huntington

A beautiful creative project

We mentionned it in the article presenting Ian Durkin because he had participated in this project. This is the story of Foster Huntington who has decided to realise the house of his dreams, which overlooks a bowl and a jacuzzi, in the middle of the nature in the west coast of the United States. He realised this little documentary and also a book. Both explain and tell the story of the design, construction and also the happiness during and after the project, in order to encourage everybody to realise his dreams.

He has invited friends from all around the country to help him to build his house and create content to document his story. Some of his friends were professional carpenters, others learned along the way. Thousands of photos has been taken, sketches and drawings has beek kept to create an instructionnal book about the story of this tree house. The short film below shows the four seasons needed to Foster and his friends to finish the project. But what a project ! You will find wonderful pictures of nature, the construction of the house, jokes and off course skateboarding !

The famous bowl
The book

You can check more photos on Foster’s Tumblr.

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