The laser engraving technic


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Laser engraving offers a very nice rendering and the possibility to create your own unique board. You send us your file, we check it and then engrave it on your board. In order to choose an adapted file, here are some details:

1- The laser sees everything in bicolour

First of all, you can send us your file in any format. We will be able to transform it for the machine. One thing to know: the machine recognizes only the pure black. So it's binary: if it's black, it's engraved, if it's not nothing happens.

2- The laser engraving rendering

The laser removes the material on each black pixel. You can choose to engrave your picture on raw wood or tainted wood; the rendering will be different.

On raw wood :

The laser dig and burns the wood; it's darkened on the engraved parts.


On tainted wood :

Your file will be transformed in negative to best respect your picture. The laser will remove the taint and let appear the wood.


3 - The right file

As said previsously, the laser engraving machine only read the black pixels of your file. The best is to choose a file which is already black and white. We recommend the dotwork style which is perfectly adapted.
If your picture contains color gradients, we can use the rasterization technic: the grey shades are converted in black pixels more or less closed.

Even photos can be engraved, but the more it is contrasted (closed to the pure black and white) the best !

This photo highly contrasted is good for laser engraving

This photo highly contrasted is good for laser engraving

This one shouldn't be engraved

This one shouldn't be engraved