2100 - Concrete waves

2100 - Concrete waves


Illustration by 2100, artist from São Paulo, Brazil.
Laser engraved by Le Shape on a black tinted skateboard. 

You can choose on which shape you want this design !

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5 questions to 2100:

- What is your artistic universe ?

We are made of small particles like everything in the universe. And all this particles are geometric. So my artistic universe is the universe.

And I try to represent it doing tattoos, graffiti, canvas, any surface that I can...

- How would you define your graphic style ?

Simple and complex at the same time. Like us. Like the movement of earth around the sun.

- What is your relation with skateboarding ?

It was the first present that my father gave me and my first broken bone as well.

- What is the connection between your art and skateboarding ?

It's like every connection. Particles connected energetically.

- How did you envisage this collaboration ? Why this drawing ?

I tried to represent waves, concrete waves. Skateboarding is a way to surf the concrete waves of the city's.

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