Gyuk - The Grateful Dead

Gyuk - The Grateful Dead


Illustration by Gyuk from Barcelona, España.
Laser engraved by Le Shape on a black tainted skateboard. 

You can choose on which shape you want this design !

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skateboard shapes

Gyuk painting


- What is your artistic universe ?

I’d say that maybe music is my grate inspiration. Also dreams and my relation with the environment are a very important in my work

- How would you define your graphic style ?

Surreal or psychodelic, quite bluesy, and sometimes tribal.

- What is your relation with skateboarding ?

It means my life, the best days,  I've been rolling for ten years and till I die.

- What is the connection between your art and skateboarding ?

It will always be my very first inspiration. Skateboarding and drawing have always been connected by the strength to block the routine out, a way to face troubles or a place for the abstraction and connect with myself.

- How did you envisage this collaboration ? Why this drawing ?

This drawing meant something different to me, something different of what I usually do, because it made me change a lot my graphic style to represent something as old as death. Not the death as a fear concept but as something that is part of our life. It came to my mind those cultures that have different beliefs about death, as a symbol, and I like this conception.

That's why I called it The grateful Death.