Illustration by Kaya from Venice, Italy.
Laser engraved by Le Shape on an uncoloured skateboard. 

You can choose on which shape you want this design !

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skateboard shapes

Kaya tattooing


- What is your artistic universe ?

I am a tattooer, amazed by humans and nature. So, mostly, I like to express human's feelings in a symbolistic and metaphoric way, using faces twisted with different elements, tribal gears & tattoos or dialoguing with animals. Sometimes I enjoy just to represent in my own way flowers & animals themselves but my favorite works are the ones with a concept.

- How would you define your graphic style ?

I studied illustration and started to be interested in tattoos with neotraditional artists, so I define it a "neotraditional illustrative style", for I fused the two styles.

- What is your relation with skateboarding ?

I am not a skater, I just enjoy to roll around but I love the way art&skateboards get together. One day, I hope I'll be able to open a tattoo studio which would be also a skate-street shop. 

- What is the connection between your art and skateboarding ?

I've always had a lot of skater friends so I started to think about making designs for boards a lot of time ago. I love thinking about my designs running the streets under someone's feet. 

- How did you envisage this collaboration ? Why this drawing ?

I choose this design because I have this image of the skater kid, roaming around, not thinking too much about the path to follow, free from thoughts and frustrations, just like jellyfish are, if you see them in a certain way! 

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