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Create your custom skateboard

Skateboard by Vivianne

Skateboard by Vivianne


You want to make your own skateboard for the pleasure of creating a beautiful object or maybe to make a very original gift ? It’s fortunate that it is our speciality !
We tell you here how to do it 🤝

Envisage your board

We use laser engraving to make your skateboards. To know what to expect with your image once it is engraved, here are some examples :


doc gyneco.jpg
Skateboard with Doc Gyneco album cover

Skateboard with Doc Gyneco album cover

With photos, we advise to use a black stained wood base. It will have a stronger contrast. The laser will erase the stained layer of the wood and how you can see, the picture melts into the wood.


space invader.jpg
Hélène’s custom skateboard

Hélène’s custom skateboard

illustration skateboard.jpg
Vincent’s custom skateboard

Vincent’s custom skateboard

Here you can see some of the biggest advantages of laser engraving :
- Even with a simple design, the result is spectacular ! Notably because laser engraving spotlight the wood’s grain.
- Every details are perfectly respected

How do I do that ?

Let’s get down to business ! There are 2 main ways to make your custom skateboard :


The different steps :

  1. Uploader your image

  2. Edit your layout. You have different possibilities :
    - Change its size and tilt
    - Repeat your image

repeat mode.jpg

- Invert colors

inversion couleur.png

3. Add text if needed

skateboard custom.png

4. Choose the wood’s color

couleurs skateboard.jpg

5. Choose your shape (there is also an interface for longboards)

shape skateboard.jpg

Don’t hesitate to test many combinations ! You can also save the ones you like with the button “Save to my email”, useful if you want some feedbacks from your friends.

Some helpful ressources :

An article to help you choose the right file
Detailed examples of customizations

Ready to try ?



You can also create your design exactly as you want it with your favorite tool (Adobe Illustrator, Gimp,…) and then upload it on the interface.

This way, you might want to use a template :


We advise you to create a file in black and white. Cause that’s what laser engraving machines prefer ! If you use shades or colors, we will adjust your file so it is compatible with laser engraving :

The original file

The original file

Once adapted to laser engraving -> shades are recreated with the rasterization technic (that is, with many little dots)

Once adapted to laser engraving -> shades are recreated with the rasterization technic (that is, with many little dots)

skate personnalisé résultat.jpg

If your file is too heavy to be uploaded, you can send it by email : welcome@lesha.pe

Got a file to test ?


Practical informations

  • ⏱ The delivery times is 2 weeks once the order is placed

  • 🚛 The delivery cost is 16,5€ for the Europe and 36€ for the rest of the world

  • 💻 The interface is way easier to use on a computer rather than mobile !

  • 🙏 The rendering of the interface is not perfect. If you see some effects like pixelisation, don’t worry it won’t be recreated on your board

  • 🧐 Every order is verified before we start the production. We don’t hesitate to contact customers if we feel that an improvement is possible thanks to our experience

  • 🛹 Skateboards are high quality ones, made in bask country from US maple. Tested and approved !

  • 🍷 Made by a passionate crew based in Bordeaux