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Practical informations:

  • ☄️ Every design is laser engraved, which makes each deck a piece of art. Boards are made of high quality US maple.

  • 💻 The interface is way easier to use on a computer rather than mobile !

  • ⏱ The delivery time is 3 weeks once the order is placed

  • 🚛 The delivery cost is 17€ for Europe and 36€ for the US


Quality first !

We always check your file before production and contact you if needed. Our interface can show some pixels or lines but the machine will never do that ! The rendering of the colors is better in real life than in the interface ;)


The colors with the real rendering 


Do you need some help ?

Here is an article which explains all the different ways for customizing.
Here are plenty of examples of customizations.
If needed you can contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.


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