Create your custom skateboard

You can customize directly on our interface or use our templates


The process

1) Choose between the interface and the template

If you are familiar with design softwares, you could be interested in using our templates.
If not, choose the interface to customize more easily.
This page explains the two possibilities in details.

2) Choose a picture or draw your graphic

We’ve written an article to help you choose the right file. Read it
Also we have made interviews of our customers so you can see real examples and learn from them. Learn more

3) Play with our interface and save your customs

Upload your files, add some text, change the wood’s color etc. We advise you to create and test many combinations, you can save them potentially.

4) Once you’re good, order your board

You can order with or without the setup (wheels, trucks, etc).
We always check your graphic before production. We want as much as you that the board will be awesome, so if needed we’ll contact you to propose some adjustments based on our experience.

5) We make it and deliver your board in 2 weeks

Boards are made in Bask country with quality US maple, then all the customisation process is made by ourselves in Bordeaux, France. We ship worldwide.


We provide the board, it is included in the price.