Create an amazing custom skateboard thanks to
laser engraving

personnalisation retour vers le futur

Laser engraving's magic

The laser engraving technic leaves visible the natural beauty of the wood, creates a slight relief and respects every details

Even if you're not an artist

Thanks to laser engraving, even a simple logo or photo will have an amazing rendering.
We want to make every skateboard deck a little jewel, thanks to your inspiration and our skills.
Each file is controlled before starting the production, we can also help you to create your graphics if needed.


Some examples

The illustration sent by a customer

The result once engraved

Ouloulouuu 🤤

Every order is checked before production

If needed, we can propose some improvements based on our experience with laser engraving

What about the boards ?


skateboards disponibles

2 variations of the modern skateboard. The difference is especially aesthetic. Only the contour shape and the width slightly change.


longboard disponible

With the dropthrough mounting lowering the deck, this longboard is easy to use. Perfect for cruising !

Our boards are made in the Bask country from quality US maple.
We handle all the customization process in France.

Made with love

And you can see it !

What are the main steps to customize ?

1. Create your design

Photo, drawing, illustration, text, whatever you want. You can do it directly on our interface or on your favorite software, such as Photoshop. In this case, a template might be useful.

2. Choose the wood’s color

Natural or stained, as you prefer !

skateboard - couleurs disponibles

3. Your design is laser engraved

It’s a process chosen for being precise and aesthetic. It creates a slight relief and showcase the wood’s beauty instead of covering it with ink. With this technic, even a “simple” illustration like a short text becomes remarkable.
Keep in mind that we check every order before starting production and we can propose little modifications based on our experience with laser engraving.

4. Get delivered in 2 weeks

Made in Bordeaux, shipping worldwide.

5. Wow effect guaranteed 😉

Some quotes from customers 

“Again, thanks for everything !!! He was so happy 🙂 He loves the board !” – Aurélie, Paris

“Guysss !!! Your skate rockkk !!!” – Andrea, Milano

“A big thank you for the board, it is stunning ! You are on top” – Carole, Saint-Clément

“He told me it is the best gift I offered him 🙂 So thanks for everything” – Agathe, Paris

“I picked it up today and it looks fantastic ! This will be his favorite present this christmas” – Mickael, Mulkiteo WA

“The two decks are amazing ! It is really beautiful, it’s already making an impression around us” – Jordan, Toulouse

“This is so f****** cool ! I love the board ! Thank you for making this possible, today is like Christmas and my birthday in once” – Ruben, Weilheim

Watch more examples on our instagram page.

Ready to try ?