Custom with a drawing or an illustration

We use laser engraving to make your board.
With this technic, we can't recreate colours : your image will always be converted in black & white.


Engraving on raw wood
We can engrave a certain shade, from the natural color of the wood to it's engraved color.


We recommend to use a true black and white illustration (no grey) : your skateboard will be engraved with full power, creating relief.

lighton fichier.jpg

No problem with small details


Engraving on colored wood
You can choose to apply a teint on the wood with one of these colors


With the white and yellow teints the result will be close to engraving on raw wood. With the darker teints, please note that the parts engraved will become clearer than the background.

fb senor octopus_LIGHT.jpg
senor octo_LIGHT.jpg

How to order a board with us ?