I want to prepare my graphic perfectly for the board, what are the dimensions ?
You can see them here or ask us to send you the template of the skateboard with the actual size. Contact us here.

Is it possible to have a colored graphic ?
No. By using laser engraving the constraint is that the result is bicolor : engraved or not engraved. The part not engraved can be colored but the part engraved will always have the color of the wood. Learn more here.

Can I see the rendering before ordering ?
Yes. We always show at least one preview that the customer must validate before starting the production.

How long it takes to make a board ?
Our delay is 2 weeks between the order and the delivery.

What are the delivery costs ?
France : 9€
European Union and Switzerland : 16,5€
Eastern Europe, Norway and Maghreb : 21€
Other : 36€

What’s the “griptape option” I see on the order confirmation page ?
You can ask us to apply an adhesive tape on the deck made to prevent from slipping when skateboarding, the griptape. Don’t confuse it with a wall mounting !


Is my graphic going to be erased quickly ?
By using laser engraving to reproduce your graphic on the deck, it is much harder to erase it compared to a classic print. Erasing the graphic totally would mean wearing the wood as deep as the parts engraved. That being said, wood remains a material that can be scarred quite easily by a collision with harder materials.