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meets laser engraving

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For the love
of skateboards graphics

Skateboards are a one-of-a-kind medium for self expression. We are here to make the link between creative minds and this magic piece of wood.

Create your own graphic and count on our support or select one made by an artist from our collaborations.

skateboard personnalisé florian

Florian made this board for his brother's birthday.
"40 years old and an eternal teenager".
His used the logo of his brother's label.

skate personnalisé

Héléna made this diptych for a study project, on which she can move around later.
"I wanted to associate this original technic to my graphic designs".

custom skateboard manon

Manon made this board to offer an original gift.
"I like drawing and I love when it's brought out of the traditional boundaries of the white page. I like when it's used, when it's part of someone's daily life."










Made in

Thanks to the technology we use, every details are recreated and magnified.
With the attention we give to every board and the easy communication between you and us, you can be sure about quality.


By skateboarders















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