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Krap/crap, artist from Lyon, France.

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5 questions to Krap/crap :

- What is your artistic universe ?

I am an artist working on different mediums; I am an illustrator, a graffiti artist, a graphic designer and a soon-to-be tattoo artist. My universe is dark, full of characters and inspired by underground comics and alternative cultures.

- How would you define your graphic style ?

My style is basically a big mix. You can find some influences from graffiti, comics or tattoo but also from musics such as hip hop, punk or psychedelic rock.

- What is your relation with skateboarding ?

I was skateboarding when I was a kid, but never became really good. Now I´m riding a cruiser just to go to work or places.

- What is the connection between your art and skateboarding ?

Even though I´m not a good skateboarder, I am sharing the love of the street with this culture, mostly through my graffitis.

- How did you envisage this collaboration ? Why this drawing ?

Lately I´ve been working on abstract and semi-abstract through my illustrations and graffitis; I wanted to keep on that direction, but with something a bit more special for a skateboard deck. I worked from a skull design I made that I adapted to fit on a longboard and to become harder to read. As a result came this semi abstract skull.

Why this drawing ? Skulls are quite remaining in my drawings. They have lots of different meanings and have always been a symbol of anti-conformism; moreover, they are really present in the skateboard culture too. Here, I wanted to create something graphic and dynamic in that spirit.