Board only – 199€

Board and customizaton

Complete – 309€

Board + setup and customization


Our boards are made in Bask Country from quality US maple
We manage all the customization process in Bordeaux


With the dropthrough mounting lowering the deck, this longboard is easy to push and perfect for cruising

Choose the wood's color and engrave whatever you want

Natural or colored. Photo, drawing, illustration… you decide !

How does it work ?

It’s hard to read on the internet but if you consider making a custom board, it’s a good idea to take 5 min to know more about our process.

  1. Laser engraving is bicolor

    You can’t get a board with all the colors you want with us. There are only 2 colors corresponding to 2 states : engraved and not engraved.
    You can bring a colored file, but we’ll convert it in black and white.

  2. Different finishing

    The part engraved will always of the wood’s color. The part not engraved can get different finishing : natural wood and stained wood. These are the finishing available :

    Natural wood

    Black stained wood

    gravure laser personnalisé

    White stained wood 

    Blue stained wood

    détails gravure personnalisée

    Dark red stained wood

  3. Photos need to be processed

    We have our home made process to engrave photos. Grey shades can’t be engraved directly so we need to rasterize them. Meaning : we create many dots that give the impression of shades.

    Rasterized file

    illustration ready to be laser engraved

    Photo engraved

    skateboard personnalisé avec photo

    To take advantage of laser engraving, try to avoid having homogeneous grey shades on your file. The more your file is contrasted the better.

The easiest way to understand what works or not with laser engraving is to check examples.

You can read a more detailed page about laser engraving with tips.