Customized skateboard

Create a beautiful custom skateboard
thanks to laser engraving

personnaliser skateboard

Laser engraving magic

The laser engraving technic leaves visible the natural beauty of the wood, creates a slight relief and respects every details of your graphic.


Even if you are not an artist

Thanks to laser engraving, even a simple logo or photo will have an amazing rendering.
We want to make every skateboard deck a little jewel, thanks to your inspiration and our skills.
Each file is controlled before starting the production, we can also help you to create your graphic if needed.


Here are some examples

See more examples here.


And our skateboards ?

Shapes skate 2.jpg

2 variations of the modern skateboard. The difference is especially aesthetic.
Only the contour shape and the width slightly change.


Our skateboards are manufactured in Spain from high quality US maple. All the customisation process is made in France.


Made with love

And you can see it !

Create an awesome custom skateboard !

You can customize directly on our interface or use our templates. Check it out: