Preorder your customised phone case
at a reduced price


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Create your customised phone case, for yourself or as a gift

There are 30 models to preorder at a reduced price:

  • 35€ instead of 59€ for the first 15 preorders

  • 44€ instead of 59€ for the next 15.

Available phone models: Iphone 6/6S, 7, 8, X/XS. If you want another one, tell us here.


Anything is possible !

coque b2o détouré light.jpg

Why a diversification of our products ?

Our custom skateboards are often used as a gift, and the great feedbacks we’ve received in this use case have motivated us to touch a larger audience, through a new medium

Each drawing evoke a story, a memory, etc.
— Malvina

Still laser engraving

This is what makes the quality of our customised goods.
Photos are worth a thousand words :


Exceptional support for the preorders !

In order to create a nice gallery of examples to show to the next customers, we really want those preorders to be stunning. Each one of you will receive a dedicate backing to make the graphics from your images/photos and/or text provided.


A sustainable phone case

We have tested several phone cases builder, and after discussion we have preferred to propose a phone case that will last. This case mixing polycarbonate and wood offer an optimum protection and doesn’t break if your phone falls down. The catch in hand is comfortable. And it’s Made in France.


The available phone models

Because it’s financially difficult to own a storage for all kind of phone models, we propose you for this preorders only phone cases for Iphones: 6/6S, 7, 8, X/XS. If you are interested in another phone model, tell us here please. Depending on the requests, we could add some phone models to preorder.


Why do we do preorders ?

Preorders have two main goals:

  • Verify your interest for this new customisable product

  • Fund (partly at least) the first order of blank phone cases to our supplier, and the setting of the customisation interface as for the skateboards.

That’s why we want to reach a goal of 20 preorders to propose this new customisable product. If the goal is not reached, we will totally refund everyone. Do not hesitate to share the information around you ;)


Preorders at a reduced price are limited,
don’t waste your time !