Our pricing depends on the size of the area customized

site size engraving.jpg

Deck only prices

In case you want to customize your board with an image that requires editing,
we can do it for you.

For example a client wanted to use his tattoo to customize his board and sent us a picture of his leg,
so we cropped his image to keep only the drawing.

We will ask you 20 € for this work

We won't charge anything for the usual transformation of your image required to adapt it to the engraving


Does the price include the full setup with wheels and trucks ?
No, the price is for the deck only.
We don't sell setups, you can go to your local skateshop to purchase it. Theses shops are very important for the skateboard community so you would make a good action !

What's the production delay ?
When the design is validated and the order is complete, the delay is two weeks.

Can I add text under my image ?
Yes. As we don't have an interface on our website, we talk to make the composition of your board. You can ask us to add text with a specific font.