Custom deck (Top + Bottom engraving)

Custom deck (Top + Bottom engraving)


All the information necessary is below

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Skateboard deck only; if you want to buy the setup too (trucks, wheels and bearings), click below on “Add to card” for the board, and then add to card the setup:
Skateboard setup
Skateboard seul; si vous voulez acheter le setup avec (trucks roues et roulements), cliquez ci-dessous sur “add to cart” pour la planche puis faîtes pareil avec le setup:
Skateboard setup

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Customize your deck with your own design

On the top of the deck, you can engrave a 10*10 cms area.

You can choose your favorite shape


You can choose the color of the wood

skate colors

Your design is laser engraved, that means :
- it's extremely precise
- your design is in relief so it's really hard to erase it
- the rendering is just beautiful !

Some examples


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