Customised phone case

Customised phone case

35.00 59.00

Satisfied or your moeny back !
We want as much as you, that your phone case will be awesome.

Customised phone case thanks to laser engraving, on raw or tinted wood.
Lauch offer, limited to 15 orders.

Soon after your purchase, we will contact you to create your phone case together.
We will help you to customise and we will answer all of your questions.
Delivery from september 2019.

Choose the phone model you want below:
”I don’t know yet” allows you to chose later your iphone model or maybe from another brand. Perfect for offering a customisable phone case.

Phone model:

We will help each person who made a preorder to create his/her customised phone case according to his/her desires. We will ask everyone to fill a form where they will explain us which pictures, text they want to see in their custom, the color of the wood… A talk will start where we will propose different versions of the customisation.
We will advise everyone on the files, as laser engraving experts.

If you are not satisfied with your customisation, you could ask us for a refund.

The phonse case could be delivered to your place or directly to the person you offer it.


Why do you do preorders ?

Preorders have two main goals:

  • Verify your interest for this new customisable product

  • Fund (partly at least) the first order of blank phone cases to our supplier, and the setting of the customisation interface as for the skateboards.

That’s why we want to reach a goal of 20 preorders to propose this new customisable product. If the goal is not reached, we will totally refund everyone. Do not hesitate to share the information around you ;)


Do not miss our launch offer !

The first 15 preorders will get a price of 35€ instead of 59€.
The next 15 will get a price of 44€ instead of 59€.

End of the preorders on july 21st at midnight.


Some feedbacks of our customers for the customised skateboards