custom skateboard as a gift


Trying to make a meaningful gift ? Try this 👇

“When he received his board, Sam was ecstatic. It was wonderful to see his work come alive in a medium he holds so close to his heart”

“My friend was stoked beyond and so was I. I never imagined the technique being of such high quality. It really makes the Foundation of a piece of art”

“My friend was so happy of his gift, it’s original and it combines several things he loves”


You don’t have to be an artist
to make something impressive

Thanks to laser engraving, even something as simple as text will get the “Wow” effect.
That’s because it creates a nice little relief and because it lets the wood appearing.


If you choose a photo, we will engrave many dots that recreate the shades.
This process is different from the classic way of putting ink on top of the board. Here, it’s like if photos are melting with the wood.

skateboard personnalisé photo.jpg

Play with our interface freely !


We always check your file before production
If needed, we don’t hesitate to contact you to propose some modifications
so that your skateboard rocks !