Sunken Rags






5 questions to Celestte Enterstellaren :

What is your artistic universe ?

My art influences are essentially 1930’s Art Deco and 1970’s beach culture. With lots of Silver Age Marvel comic, classic cartoons and weirdly advertising and commercial art from the seventies. Ed Roth too.

How would you define your graphic style ?

My style is the result of handicaps and limitations really. Doing handcut stencils for screen printing has eliminated tone and texture from my drawing. Reality has tamed the way I sketch, cause you can only cut a solid line.

What is your relation with skateboarding ?

I was born in a rural snowboarding area. My childhood best friend had an older brother go off to Berlin for university. I appropriated his neglected Santa Cruz deck (the skull made up of hundreds of tiny skulls deck, 80’s), and suddenly overnight I was the tomboy cliché tearing up the streets. Then Mum and I came down under to Australia and surfing made my skating refined even further. That was a decade ago.

What is the connection between your art and skateboarding ?

There is a distinct correlation between my art and the 1970’s polyurethane wheels pool skating scene. Together with 70’s surfing art, skating bubblegum card/stickers. That longhaired corduroy short vibe. When skating became almost surfing, after that handstand and slalom trip died out. I favor that neutral colourway too.

How did you envisage this collaboration ? Why this drawing ?

The Sunken Rags logo is a self portrait. It’s me puttingit all on the line, do or die. Comic folks will see I’m (trying) to ape Marvel era Marc Silvestri. I trully love his run on both the Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine about 25 ago. I wanted to convey vulnerability for an athlete only brand. A 70’s style typeface with a 80’s type image. Bookend where skating and surfing came of age in a easy way to reproduce graphic.
I really REALLY love how the Le Shape decks came out. It retains the neutral earthy, indigenous feel of the garments. Exposed ply reflects the ancient environment and culture the label was born in. I’m proud of the laser etched decks, dig the people involved with Le Shape and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.