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Templates are in actual size so you could directly create on it, thanks to your favorite design software. Files are in PDF form.

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After receiving the template

  1. Create your graphic on the template. Nota: you can draw on a paper first, do a HD scan and then adjust it on the themplate on your computer. For more advices, go here.

  2. Test it on our interface: check the rendering, choose the color of the wood.

  3. Buy your deck on the interface or send us your file at In each cases we will give you a feedback.


Skateboard graphic by Mmav, made on a paper first.


Artists, impress your community !

Why not considering to create on a skateboard to decorate your place, sell branded products, delight your community…? Laser engraving will allows you to impress everyone.


Artworks by Flex (Mecca Skateboarding), Thomas Peltier, Lighton, Schoph…


Think we could do something cool together ?

We always partner with artists to sell artists designs, organise give aways, grow our social networks communities…
Please write us a line about you and why we should consider to collaborate in a certain way: